Your donations allow us to help more workers in more ways; and help them breathe a sigh of relief faster.

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Join us as we celebrate the foodie way; eating and drinking while we fundraise.


Envisioning a world where the employees of independent food & beverage establishments have what they need to thrive . . .

The mission of APRON Inc. is to provide temporary, limited financial relief to professional food and beverage workers in the Louisville, KY metro area who work at locally-owned establishments and who are experiencing financial distress due to illness, accident, emergency, or catastrophic event through no fault of their own.


A few things we’ve cooked up

We are so grateful to our community of supporters and friends who are there every time at the right time. Together, we help our restaurant workers, struggling through no fault of their own, quickly get back on their feet.


COVID-19 Grants

Wow! As of June 2, 2021, we distributed $286,000 to 543 recipients from 170 different independent restaurants.


10 Taste Salute – 10/9/2

Join us on 10/9/22 as we salute our 10th anniversary with a 10 Taste Salute – 5 food and drink pairings at The Cafe at Paristown.


Resources for Restaurant Workers

Sometimes we need help in other ways, besides financially. Here’s a list of resources.


Chef in a Box

Last August, we began a weekly carry-out fundraiser, featuring a different chef each time, to keep the restaurants busy.


Third Party Events

We love our partners who host events on our behalf and donate a portion of the proceeds to us.


Dine Around Louisville

Each March, we invite the community to Dine Around Louisville at our restaurants, which helps raise awareness and funds.


We’re so thankful that so many of you love our restaurants as much as we do.

Major Grant Partners

Major grant partners allow us to create long-lasting programs, such as our Grocery Giveaway.

Affiliated Fundraising

Did you know you could help fundraiser simply by shopping at places you already frequent?

A seat at the table

The more we talk together, eat together, work together, the easier it is to help our restaurant workers thrive.


We know you love the food.
Thriving Workers = Thriving Restaurants = Thriving Community


Have we helped you or your restaurant? We’d love to hear how you’re doing now.

The local restaurant community is a very large family. As with any caring family we work together to help our own. I’m proud to be a supporter of APRON Inc. and urge you to financially assist this worthwhile endeavor.

Dean corbett

We think of APRON Inc. as an emergency safety net for employees in Louisville’s independent restaurants who, through no fault of their own, find themselves in terrible financial need.

Gary fox

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