Third Party Fundraising Event Policy

Thank you for your interest in supporting APRON, Inc. via an event you are having. We are forever grateful for our kind community that looks out for the best interests of our town’s restaurant workers and wants to protect their financial solvency.

We appreciate your generosity in wanting to hold an event on our behalf, where all or a portion of the proceeds are donated to us and we are considered your beneficiary. 

To ensure a smooth experience, promote donor ethics and financial transparency and to avoid conflicts with competing events or programs designed to raise money for APRON, Inc., we have developed some policies and procedures for any group, business, individual or organization that wishes to raise money on our behalf.

For any questions, please contact President Gary Fox at or Executive Director Robin Miller at



Interested parties must submit a formal request using this SIMPLE APPLICATION FORM, which asks for basic information like your proposed date, your organization, how you intend to communicate about APRON, Inc.

Applications must be submitted at least four weeks in advance of your event, and we will notify you within a week regarding acceptance of your application.


Communications Guidelines

Partners may not use APRON’s logo or other graphic information, without written consent. APRON, Inc. must approve the promotional materials you plan to use our logo on.

When your event is approved, we will send you some graphics you may use to help promote our involvement.

APRON, Inc. will be considered a “beneficiary” on any promotional materials you create or when you describe our involvement. We are not considered a sponsor or the event organization. All materials should state that the event is sponsored by you or your organization’s sponsors and net proceeds (please specify the amount or percentage if not 100% of proceeds) benefiting APRON, Inc. For example, it would not be “APRON, Inc. Chili Cookoff, hosted by ABC Company”. It would be ABC Company Chili Cookoff, benefiting APRON, Inc.”


Fundraising Guidelines

All event expenses, contracts, agreements, logistics, volunteers, promotions, advertising, insurance are the responsibility of the Third Party organizer.

No bank accounts or holding accounts may be created under APRON, Inc.’s name.

Our 501c3 status may not be used to purchase items and materials to host your event.

Third party event organizers should not provide tax advice to any event participants or donors. Please refer your participants to legal or tax counsel for information.

Any checks or donations must be made payable to APRON, Inc.

Upon receipt of your donations, we will issue you a receipt and acknowledgement for you to have for your tax purposes, if applicable.


APRON, INC. Will Provide

Timely acknowledgement regarding your application and whether or not it meets our guidelines and aligns with our mission.

Graphics and promotional elements you can use to help promote our engagement.

 A contact person and contact information if you have any questions.

If our schedule permits and if it makes sense, we may be able to send a volunteer, but this is not guaranteed.

If our communication schedule permits, we may be able to acknowledge your event and/or engagement on social media or other.


We do reserve the right to refuse partnership if it does not align with our mission or conflicts with any of our efforts.

We do reserve the right to cancel a third party event or disassociate at any time in writing if these policies are not satisfied or for substantial cause.