Meet Chef Chris Williams, who got severe frostbite on his hands and couldn’t work.

APRON, Inc. is a not-for-profit corporation that relies on the community for its funding. 


About us

APRON Inc. was there.

When an independent restaurant employee can’t work

due to an accident, injury, or some other crisis,

the family suffers.

APRON was there when I got severe

frostbite on both hands.

As a Chef, everything starts with my hands.

The frostbite meant I couldn’t work.

Not being able to work often means the loss of safety, home, and/or the ability to financially provide for the family.

I was afraid of losing my home.

That’s when someone told me about APRON.

APRON paid my bills, which allowed me time to recuperate.

Without APRON’s help, I would have risked permanent damage by going back to work too soon.

APRON was there for me.

They are also there for the entire greater

Louisville independent restaurant community.

Please donate to APRON this holiday season,

and help other restaurant workers in crisis.